Warehouse management systems

ATT Logistics currently operates the Cargo Wise WMS system in conjunction with Gamma Intermec scanners.

This allows ATT to provide warehouse services that provide the following functionality:

  • EDI interfacing capability
  • Accurate tracking of customer shipments
  • Enter orders, view order status, produce an invoice, inventory balances at any time
  • RF technology locates the right product, in the right quantities, for the right destination
  • Cloud based software

Transport tracking

ATT views achievement though the provision of Information Technology as a vital component in the future strategy of the business.

Our platform has been developed to provide our customers with timely management information through the use of:

  • Hand Held Data Terminals – Ability to track & trace deliveries in real time
  • Sign on Glass Capability – Provision of electronic POD though internet link
  • Data Collection – Turnaround times & unloading delays
  • Photo Capability – Availability to take a photo at delivery point at unattended sites

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