The story behind ATT Logistics

The team at ATT Logistics has been a provider of contract logistics services for well over 30 years.

We’re a 100% Australian owned and wholly locally operated company. Our approach is centred around being flexible and we work in genuine partnership with our customers to ensure long-term business relationships.

The driving force behind our operations is our customers’ experiences. From our first interaction to the very last goodbye, we’re here to support retailers in meeting their Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

  • We’ll make a meaningful difference to your logistical operations.
  • We’ll listen deeply to your specific needs.
  • We’ll think outside the box to bring new solutions to your table.
  • We’ll use practical technology for useful, valuable insights.
  • We’ll prioritise operational impact whilst ensuring visibility.

Our realistic, practical and end-to-end services are available whenever and wherever you need it.

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. We’re here for you.

Purpose and promise

The purpose behind ATT Logistics is a dedication to delivering responsive experiences.

This underpins our promise to make your life easier through practical, reliable solutions.

Our history

Over 30 years ago, we commenced operations as Amalgamated Couriers & Taxi Trucks. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve developed into one of the largest logistics operations in Brisbane with locations in various other states, including Victoria and New South Wales.

In 2017, we expanded our operations in Melbourne, and opened in Sydney in 2020. All of our locations have grown to support a number of FMCG and retail business customers.

Who we are today


Even though our organisation has grown over the last few decades, we’ve retained our balance of organisational size with a personal touch. We continue to collaborate with our existing customers to ensure they receive logistical solutions that work, whilst forging new, transparent and close relationships with new customers in line with our core offerings.


Our proven track record in delivering continuous improvement outcomes to our customers has helped us cultivate a stellar reputation in the industry. We’ve slowly crafted our service delivery around ensuring high quality solutions that focus on our customers’ requirements rather than expect our customers’ requirements to fit around our models.


Nothing is more important to us than safety. By operating to the strictest of industry standards and workplace health and safety regulations, we ensure the highest level of safety in the workplace. Our team can rest assured they’ll arrive home from work safely at the end of every day.


Our extensive fleet consists of multi-model trailing vehicles such as tautliners, pans, mezzanine floor tautliners, 48’ flat-top and semi-trailers.

We currently count 420 vehicles amongst our fleet, including 220+ semi-trailers.


Our mission is to become the favourite partner and quiet supporter of Australia’s leading retailers.

We work on achieving this commercial outcome by focusing on providing a refreshing approach to contract logistics and infusing a sense of practicality to our customers’ solutions.

We ensure sustainable growth by focusing on the temperature control segment while maintaining a long-standing ambient customer segment. We work hard to be continually competitive and tirelessly proactive to ensure we cater for our customers’ needs. By ensuring we’re in regular contact and communication and spend the time and effort to understand our customers’ business, we keep solutions simple, practical and effective.

Customers first

We’re here to help you succeed.

Safety as standard

We prioritise safety and won’t compromise.

Act for impact

Our team will make a meaningful difference to your daily operations.

Licences and accreditations

We’re completely qualified and certified with a number of accreditations under our belt, including:

  • Woolworths Supplier
  • Excellence Program
  • National Heavy Vehicle
  • Accreditation Scheme
  • CML
  • Queensland Liquor License

Industry associations

We work with a variety of partners to provide the very best logistics solutions to our customers.

  • Healthy Heads Trucks & Sheds
  • Queensland Trucking Association
  • Victorian Transport Association
  • National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Become part of our story - work with us

ATT Logistics’ services are enriched by years of experience. We understand the importance of ensuring direct access to our customers and ensuring all servicing is customer and outcome focused.

When we say we’re defining a totally different standard of service for the retail community we mean it.

  • Infusing experience with warmth.
  • Combining practicality with personability.

Every facet of our operation is built to engage and ensure practical solutions using tried and tested infrastructure, technology and methodology.

Your interaction with ATT Logistics is an experience and we’re committed to ensuring it’s a positive one.

Ready to hear more about how you can benefit from our services every day? Contact us today!