Transporting services for the retail community

All of our services are uncompromisingly customer-focused. We work collaboratively with our customers to ensure every solution we propose is tailored to suit their specific needs.

The ATT Logistics team works collaboratively and manages to foster long-lasting relationships with our customers by ensuring their experiences are smooth and hassle-free and that their practical solutions are infused with a personal touch. Our various services delivering engaging, valuable and practical experiences for our customers every day include:

  • Transport
  • Contract logistics
  • Warehousing and local distribution

Logistics services

Our logistics services ensure our customers gain value-add integrated supply chain solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We cater to the demands of modern retail business using high quality asset utilisation and innovative technology. We tailor our solutions to ensure truly valuable solutions for your business.

How can we help you?

Enjoy reliability with dedicated contract transport with permanent vehicles.

Save more with competitively priced and personally recommended contract warehousing and distribution services.

Gain insights with supply and value chain analysis.

Free yourself to focus on what you do best and leave the design and compilation of tender documents to us.

Get all the information you need with our obligation-free consultancy on logistical requirements and solutions.


High quality transporting services is about a lot more than just getting from point A to point B. Our variety of services are available to businesses throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and beyond.


B double combinations

Thanks to our fleet of larger vehicles we are capable of providing more efficient transport solutions at any time of the day or night, and on an hourly, daily or permanent basis.

Semi-trailer hire

Save more and get more done by hiring our semi-trailers, tautliners, flat tops or mezzanine deck tautliners. Available both as a tow operator or combined unit, our rates are tailored to your specific requirements so you only pay for what you need.

Fixed rate

We believe in offering valuable services to our customers, including fixed permanent rates for specific transporting services.

Delivery service fleet

Our huge delivery service fleet has a range of vehicles available at competitive prices ready and waiting to help you.


Our modern warehousing facilities, office accommodation and onsite staff are able to assist you with all of your storage needs. ATT Logistics can offer affordable, reliable solutions to help support your business’s expansion and volume fluctuations.

Our warehouse located in Carole Park offers a variety of benefits:

  • Stress less with our full video surveillance security.
  • Store what you need with our racked and block stacked options, and liquor storage licensing.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that our tilt slab construction, and easy distribution access makes our facility the most practical and controlled warehouse in the area.

Technology and warehouse management systems

ATT Logistics leverages reliable and modern technology to provide transport tracking and warehouse management systems. Using information technology is a vital component of our solutions offering and will form a vital component of your business’s future strategy.

What do we offer?

EDI-interfacing capability.

Reliable and accurate customer shipment tracking.

Easy interface for entering orders, checking statuses, producing invoices and managing inventory balances at any time.

Ability to find the right product in the right quantities at the right price using RF technology.

Cloud-based software to help you transition to a modern marketplace.

Our management platform comes with a variety of tools to help you run your business’s operations more efficiently.


Our handheld data terminals allow you to track and trace deliveries in real time.

Sign-on glass capability

Use reliable electronic POD through a secure internet link.

Data collection

Enjoy unrivalled turnaround times and avoid unloading delays.

Photo capability

Take, store and review photos at delivery points on unattended sites easily.

The ATT difference


Our services are competitive in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and price. We’re a leader in the transporting services industry and offer premier service offerings compared to other local, national and global providers.


Our unique service offering is personable yet professional. While many logistics companies aren’t able to customise their offerings to suit the needs of their customers, at ATT Logistics we’re here to ensure you get the right solution for you.


All of our transporting services prioritise safety. We go beyond the industry requirements to ensure safety for all of our workers, customers and stakeholders.

Technological prowess

We focus on using tried and tested technology to ensure simple integration as well as functional visibility. We don’t bother with fancy, flashy tech that seems nice but won’t get the job done. We used what we know will work, so you know your solutions will deliver.