There is a growing trend for businesses to outsource their own warehouse operations. Motivating factors are the realisation of the fixed capital requirements, the constant need to have the facility expand and shrink to cater for volume seasonalities, and increased/decreased labour and machinery to meet the tasks.

We currently have one warehouse location at Carole Park offering 6000 square metres with modern warehousing facilities, office accommodation and on-site staff to assist.

Carole Park Warehouse Features

  • Features both racked and block stacked storage options
  • Fully secured facility with video surveillance
  • Warehouse is liquor licensed
  • Building with double insulated ceiling and tilt slab construction keeps the warehouse temperature at 18° all year round
  • Excellent hard stand surrounds for distribution access
  • Warehouse facility constructed in 2014

Services Offered

  • Receival and dispatch of product
  • Container consolidating and de-consolidating
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Pick and pack
  • Cross dock operations
  • Dedicated distribution facilities
  • Cyclic and regular stocktaking
  • Electronic data exchange technologies
  • Electronic POD’s with internet access immediate
  • KPI availability

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